Best songs about family love and memories

Are you looking for the  Best songs about family love and memories?  some people, in spite of the deep love or wound that lies in their being towards their spouse, their love, their friends and family, like to constantly express this love and affection to their spouse or love. But expressing all these feelings is possible with a very strong articulation.

Family love is a topic that is talked about in all forums, especially in the fields of art and especially in literature, music and film. From the lyrics of the writers to the poems of the poets, new and old love songs and albums and even domestic and foreign movies, everyone tries to portray and describe love.

Ever since the creation of human beings, the sense of being a couple, the sense of finding the right person and building a romantic relationship has always existed in him. But this path has always been accompanied by difficulties that have caused the amount of successful and romantic relationships to decrease over time. Throughout history, there has never been an exact definition of love, but the power of love has always been mentioned in old and the best romance movies in 2021.

Best songs about family love and memories

Many people these days think that they have to do great things to have a healthy relationship with their family, their love and their friends. But with a bouquet of flowers or a small gift, or even sending the Best songs about family love and memories, you can satisfy your dear ones.

“Love is the only power that can turn an enemy into a friend.” Martin Luther King

You will see Best songs about family love and memories in this post. These romantic songs all have a romantic and emotional rhythm and lyrics and you will feel good listening to them.

  • Love me like you do

The passionate romance that is engraved in the minds of cinema lovers and foreign music lovers with the brilliance of movie fifty shades of gray.

  • Flood Hands

“Flood Hands” sung by Vagabon is one of the Best songs about family love. “This songs” is more like a theory of thought that hypnotizes the listener and accompanies him well.

  • Ice Water

The beautiful love song “Ice Water” by Lowell Corner is a beautiful romantic music that depicts a pure love. This piece is very romantic and you will not get tired of listening to it.

  • Miss Me

Toro y Moi and ABRA are a unique couple and the song “miss me” by these two singers is really unique and in an atmosphere of love.

  • We Are Young ft.

A great song By Janelle Monáe, when you hear this song, you feel free again, as if you were in your 20s.

  • stand By Me

This song is the fourth most visited song of the twentieth century.

  • Lions and Tigers

Lions and Tigers” by Sleater-Kinney is about dreams that mothers have for their children and wish their children success in the future.

  • Father and Daughter

The song was performed by Paul Simon for a film that expresses his love for his daughter Lulu. And he talks about his fatherly feelings.

  • Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper is one of the Best songs about family love. The song is about Sarah Jessica Parkrast in the soundtrack to the 1985 independent / comedy film, who, against her parents’ wishes and despite their reluctance to do so, enters a dance competition.

  • Good Old Days

“Good Old Days” by Macklemore McLemore’s is about all the memories we have had in the past, and we remember when we think of the best days of our lives in the past.

  • Best songs about family love , Still the One

Still the One by Orleans is the great songs for young people. In this song, honesty is mentioned and it is said that there is still a person who does not shy away from the ups and downs of a long-term relationship and is loyal and never takes her thoughts out of her mind.

  • Family Affair

“Family Affair” by Sly and the Family Stone one of the Best songs about family love.  In this song, Sly and the Family Stone, family members love each other and understand each other. Family members show that with help and together, they can achieve great growth and success and be happy together.


Top rock songs of 2021, best rock songs in chart

In this article Top rock songs of 2021 that left a mark .In the mid-1950s, a new genre of popular music emerged, first called rock and roll and then rock music. Although we see a variety of styles in rock music, on the other hand, this style tends to be vocal music that has violent and progressive beats, in which most of the accompaniment of electric guitar and strongly amplified sounds has a prominent effect.

Rock music is a rhythm performed by instruments such as electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, and so on. In rock pieces, there is a uniform beat that is repeated throughout the piece. One of the main characteristics of rock style songs is loudness. It can also be defined that rock music is actually derived from the native music and music of the West American lands.

Chuck Berry is one of the most influential rock stars, whose most famous work was made in 1985 with the title “Back to the Future” in the classic style. Elvis Presley is also known as the King of Rock and Roll and fans of this style of music are very interested in him. It is interesting to know that Chuck Berry was the first rock poet and died at the age of 90 at his home in Missouri, USA.

The best rock songs in chart are:

  • Dorothy, “What’s Coming to Me”

Dorothy has become a lovely and free California queen on her first two albums, and now she has shown with “What’s Coming to me” that she still has a lot of energy in her. Ensemble bands are great, his songs are louder than ever, and he has a bit of a Steve Knicks vibe all over the rock song.

  • Black Veil Brides, “Fields of Bone”

Black Veil Brides latest single is based on the legend of the Blackbird character at the center of the band’s new world. In the typical style of Black Veil Brides, lead guitarist Jake Pitts takes everything to the thrill through a superb solo.

  • Serj Tankian, “Elasticity”

One of the Top rock songs of 2021 is  “Elasticity”. The first minute of “Elasticity” begins with animal sounds and meaningless lyrics reminiscent of B-52 “Crab Rock.”

  • Rise Against, “Nowhere Generation

Rise Against has not been afraid to speak for the marginalized people of the world, and with Nowhere Generation, it has provided something that should be among Top rock songs of 2021 because it relates to the current generation of young people in a situation of social, economic and economic instability.

  • Nancy Wilson, “4 Edward”

This gentle song, which appears on the singer and guitarist Heart’s first solo album, was inspired by an exchange the two had on a tour decades ago.

  • Jethro Tull, “Shoshana Sleeping”

“Shosana Sleeping” that is one of the Top rock songs of 2021 depicts a long drought – poetic images (“Sweet lily of the valley, my fingers tremble, etc.” can be seen on an old flute pattern and uncoordinated guitar riff.

  • Elvis Costello and the Imposters, “Magnificent Hurt”

Elvis Costello was an angry man. In 1977, he angered Lauren Michaels. “Magnificent Hurt” that suits all tastes, reminds all dream memories

  • Neil Young, “Heading West”

Rebuilding the old warehouse created the perfect conditions for Neil Young to do his album with Crazy Horse. The music for “Heading West” was amazingly concise, and there was still plenty of room for noise in the song, showing a tribute to his “growing up” years and adventures with his mother.

  • Jason Isbell, “Driver 8”

Jason Isbell is a guitarist from North Alabama who entered the Muscle Shoals scene as a teenager. Isbell’s style has shifted to the style of modernity, from bands like REM. “Driver 8” effectively proved that “Southern Rock” could take on new forms.

  • Ann Wilson, “Black Wing”

One of the Top rock songs of 2021 is The Black Wing that came to mind of Ann Wilson when he was watching the birds flying across the river outside his house until the idea for the song “Black Wing” began. This song expresses the contradictions: light and dark, soft and heavy, physical and spiritual. With subtle acoustic melody and repetitive keyboard riffs, Wilson speaks of the ghosts that is connecting the strings of nature.



Best war games for mac free download

In this article, the Best war games for mac free will be introduced. Many Years ago, you never imagined you could run the best games on the market on a Mac. But everything can change at once. The Apple ecosystem has hosted the best games on the market over the years. In addition, many developers are interested in building and publishing games on this operating system.

Meanwhile, Apple’s powerful processor, the M1, has not been ineffective, and has made the games run on Apple products with very high quality and doubles the pleasure of their experience.

The list of war games for mac

  • StarCraft

Starcraft is a science fiction, real-time strategy game developed by Blizzard Entertainment Studios and it is one of the Best war games for mac free that released in 2010 for MAC and PC games . Starcraft II game will be divided into three parts, its first part or version is Wings of Liberty. There are three different races in the game. Terrans are humans in exile from Earth. The Zergs are a strong and exceptional race and The Protoss is the third race to have strong technology along with its mental power.

In this version of the game, the focus of the story and gameplay is on the Terran. The third race is the Protoss, which has strong technology along with its mental power s race. The game’s story takes place 4 years after Starcraft: Brood War, and players take control of a person named Jim Raynor.


  • Hearts of Iron IV Death or Dishonor

Hearts of Iron IV Death or Dishonor is one of the Best war games for mac in 2021. It Designed and developed by Paradox Development Studio.

As well you go and victories you get, It is possible to upgrade your weapons factories and access newer equipment, but do not forget that it is possible to take the equipment that remains on the battlefield from the enemy as spoils of war.

Death or Dishonor is the latest Country Pack for the original version of Hearts of Iron IV, marking the biggest battle in history for the player.

The package focused entirely on the battles of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany during World War II.

The package focused entirely on the battles of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany during World War II. Confront the difficult choices of starting a conflict with a global superpower or risking your ideals by trading for survival.

The game allows you to take new paths and change the course of history to your liking.

  • Arma 3 best war games for mac

A war game that is one of the Best war games for mac free takes you to a vast battlefield and offers you a wide range of weapons and combat vehicles. Arma can be considered a combination of Battlefield and Ghost Recon games because it has elements of both games in its heart. The latest version of action game, which is the third issue, has been expanded compared to previous issues and has also improved significantly in terms of graphics. Bohemia Interactive Studios has just released the SOG Prairie Fire expansion pack for Arma 3 and added other cool elements to the game.

  • Spec Ops The Line

You may think that you cannot find a more modern and advanced city than Dubai anywhere. But that joy may be eroded by a series of political goals and intergovernmental conflicts, and this is exactly what Yager Development Studios is facing in Spec Ops the Line.

  • Wargame Red Dragon

Wargame Red Dragon that is one of the Best war games for mac free, shows a wide-ranging conflict between Western forces and the communist bloc, which is more beautiful and attractive than ever. You are the commander of the military resources of all 17 countries involved in the war, and you must gather your combat forces from an extraordinary set of 1450 units and command them carefully. You have command of tanks, planes, helicopters, warships and other units. You can experience one of the best war effects on your computer. The date will be rewritten and you can track the conflict on a large scale.

  • Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes Amazing scenes from the sinking of tanks in the water to the feeling of victory with the waving of the flag has touched our souls and bodies, and because that is one of the Best war games for mac free, its experience is highly recommended to anyone who loves strategy games.


Best strategy games for pc in 2021

Best strategy games for pc is one of the most popular genres among video games. Pc can be considered as a flexible platform on which people can have both daily user experience and play various games. In this platform, you can even do business.

But in terms of playing the game, you need to have a powerful hardware system and you cannot have a perfect gameplay experience with a simple option. Video games come in a variety of styles, one of them is strategy games for pc, and most PC owners are interested in this style.

In 2021, various strategy titles have been published, and among them are games that were available in previous years. In this article, we want to introduce you to best strategy games for pc in 2021.

The games that we are going to introduce you in this article will keep you entertained for hours and they have an attractive gameplay style that can satisfy your audience.

Here are the Best strategy games for pc in 2021

  • Crusader Kings III

This game is a great strategic effect that puts you in a medieval story. In Crusader Kings III, you are in a time of crusades and you have to build an army as a king and conquer other lands.

In the new version of Crusader Kings, you will see improved user interface and gameplay, and people can have a better gameplay experience. You may come across a work that incorporates the traditional army, but its experience is very fun and enjoyable.

The gameplay, soundtrack, story and so on are all improved in Crusader Kings 3, and people can have a purely strategic experience. Each kingdom in which you play a role it, has its own style and they are not similar.

It should be noted that Crusader Kings III seemed a bit complicated at first, and it is better experience it and read a guide about this effect.


  • Offworld Trading Company

If we want to name one of the Best strategy games for pc in 2021 in the field of strategic space titles, OFFWORLD TRADING COMPANY is undoubtedly one of them. In this game, you play the role of a person who intends to control the planet Mars. The person who designed this game also played a role in the development of Civilization IV, so you are faced with an interesting game that can be considered very exciting and fun.

  • XCOM 2

XCOM 2 is one of the best turn-based strategy games. The battles are challenging and varied, full of terrible enemies with tricky abilities, but the biggest changes are seen in the strategic layer. You will travel the world, launch cells, infiltrate black sites, and hunt for more resources so you can send more powerful weapons and tools to Earth.

  • Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

The story of this version takes place one hundred years before the story of the original version. In this title, the spaceship crashes on a strange planet and causes the main character of the game, Karan S’jet, to travel to this planet as the leader of the ground army, and they must destroy the aliens and take the planet from them. Battles take place with weapons and combat vehicles.

  • Total War: Warhammer II

The Best strategy games for pc in 2021 that have been released so far, each of them has its own gameplay features. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular strategic games is called TOTAL WAR. In the third version, players focus on areas such as Ulthuan, Naggaroth and Lustria. A fourth area was developed by Creative Assembly Studios, known as the Southlands. Finally, the studio has tried to consider several continents for Warhammer II players.

Also the players can also put maps in this game separately, which makes the game more diverse and better.

  • Endless Legend

Another Best strategy games for pc in 2021 that should be mentioned is called Endless Legend. AMPLITUDE Studios was in charge of making it and was able to develop this game well.

These enemies, led by a leader named Morgawr, only aim to destroy the inhabitants of this area. Therefore, in order to achieve their goals, they do evil deeds and do not pay attention to any person. The leader of these enemies has a strange force, including the control of the mind.…

Drake Ramoray in days of our lives

Days of Our Lives is one of the longest running TV series in the world, since 1965, it has been aired and broadcast almost every day since 1965. Most of the series focused on the main families of the story, Horton and Brady. During the airing of this series, various families were added to the story and deleted.

This series includes all the romantic features, conspiracies and tricks that fans of such series expect. But the film became especially famous in the early years of its fame for its storytelling themes such as interracial love and infertility.

It was in 1975 that the length of episodes of The Days of Our Lives increased from 30 minutes to 60 minutes because of the huge popularity. Many also called this series the bravest drama series in the 70’s. The Healthy Fantasy City is the venue for the American TV series The Days of Our Lives. This state is located in the Midwest of the United States,

The producers of the TV series Days of our Lives plan to resume production of this title in the late summer.

Corday Productions recently announced plans to work on new episodes of Days of our Lives. The reason for the cancellation of the production of this TV series was the outbreak of the Corona virus, which made it difficult to make many comedy movies and series, and the production process of many of them was postponed to another time. Now that the restrictions have been eased, it looks like Days of our Lives is set to continue, and the producers are looking to continue this TV series.

This drama series aired daily on NBC and is considered one of the longest-running series in the history of cinema and television.

Dr. Drake Ramoray  in days of our lives with playing Matthew Steven “Matt” LeBlanc

Dr. Drake Ramoray was the same Joey in days of our lives.  This character was introduced during season 2 and will be repeated during subsequent seasons. He was a neurosurgeon who worked at the hospital. This role was played by Matt Le Blanc. Matt Le Blanc is an actor, producer, and star of “Friends,” “Ed,” and “Lost in Space”,”Charlie’s Angels” and” days of our lives”

Matthew Steven Le Blanc, also known as Matt Le Blanc, was born in the summer of 1967 in Newton, near Boston. He is a multi-ethnic actor. His mother, Patricia Grossman, is Italian, and his father is English, Irish, and French. There was no actor in his family. His father, Paul Le Blanc, was a mechanic, and his mother was a director.

He participated in the advertising of various brands. He was successful, and soon Coca-Cola, Hines, and Levy signed him. This young boy was able to prepare everything for himself: a house, a stylish car and branded clothes. He received the Golden Lion Award in 1987 for his skill and talent. This was the Cannes Golden Lion Festival Award. But Le Blanc was looking for greater success. By the end of the 1980s, he had moved to Hollywood to take acting classes.

Dr. Drake Ramoray was not a real character in Days of Our Lives. Matt LeBlanc, who played Joey Tribiani in Friends, worked hard as an actor to play Dr. Drake Ramoray.

Ramoray after falling from an elevator shaft in the 18th episode of the same season called The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies was killed. However, because Joey was a star on DOOL, she received $ 2,250,000 during her three years as Drake Ramoray.

In fact, there was a cross between friends and the days of our lives.

During the Friends series, Joey occasionally appeared as Dr. Drake Ramoray in the Days of Our Lives story version.

But in the real world, Days of Our Lives, Dr. Drake Ramoray never existed.

Even in the rare cases where the actors of “Days of Our Lives” appear in “Friends”, they play the role of fictional characters.

Dr. Drake Ramoray in days of our lives is a fictional character in the show called Friends. So basically it’s an imaginary character in a fantasy show that makes his existence unimaginable. However, Dr. Drake Ramoray was a neurosurgeon played by Matt LeBlanc.…

Schmigadoon age rating TV-series parent guide 2021

Schmigadoon age rating TV-series parent guide 2021

Schmigadoon age rating is very important for parent. This six-episode musical comedy-television series, produced by Lauren Michaels, it Is a satirical imitation of the golden musicals of the Golden Age, starring Strong and Keegan as a couple embarking on a backpacking trip to reconnect and discover a magical and musical city of the 1940s. Then they realize that they cannot leave until they find “true love.”

There are three reasons for watching Schmigadoon:

1-A prominent figure on Saturday Night Live as a gynecologist who enjoys life in the musicals of the 1940s and comments on how women are involved.

2-Extensive theatrical and vocal group: Among the main songs sung live in the series are Melissa courtship with the bad boy in town and the melody “Do-Re-Mi” and tears and smiles to explain the birthplace of the babies.

3-A different presence of Jane Krakowski: When you look at Jane Krakowski in this series, it looks like the countess spin-off is in front of you.

Although the reasons for watching Schmigadoon are not limited to these, the audience really needed such happy, musical, warm works, with a lot of dance, color, light and joy, after a year full of stress, distance, solitude, quarantine and fatigue.

Schmigadoon age rating TV-series parent guide by the American Film Association

The age rating of movies and series is determined by the American Film Association (MPAA) and helps individuals, especially parents, to choose movies or series that are age-appropriate.

In connection with this series, knowing about Schmigadoon age rating is necessary. Each series has different conditions in terms of dialogue, events on stage, etc. For this reason, a category is specified for each series.

Because of the importance and direct impact of the movies and series such as  Schmigadoon on audience culture, as well as the importance of children’s mental health as creators of future generations, instead of censoring and auditing, Hollywood uses a standard to rate its films based on audience age. This rating has changed several times throughout history; but its content has remained almost constant.

In this regard Schmigadoon age rating TV-series parent guide, in addition to content management for parents and preventing adverse effects on the minds and psyches of children, also has a direct impact on sales. Directors and filmmakers have also always strived to expand their audience and make more profits by reducing the number of scenes subject to rating rules.

Schmigadoon is inspired by the Broadway musical Brigadoon and tells the story of a couple who find a small town called Ashmigadon. The behavior and movements of the citizens of this city are as if they are performing a musical play. Now the story couple is stuck in this city! Starring Cecilie Strong, Keegan-Michael Kay, Ellen Cumming, Fred Armison, Kristen Chenous, Aaron Tweet, Dow Cameron, Ariana Debussy, Jim Camille, Jane Krakowski and Anne Harada.

Series age rating

The series has 6 categories, which are described below:

Category TV-Y

This rating is for children and broadcasts programs that all children of all ages can watch. These programs are mostly used for learning and there are no special restrictions.

Category TV-Y7

This ranking includes the network for people over 7 years old. This ranking is visited for talent search of children over 7 years old, and these programs can increase or introduce the talent of children.

Category TV-G

This rating is for all ages and everyone can watch programs with this rating. These networks have the privilege of allowing the whole family to watch TV programs together without any special restrictions.

Category TV-PG

This category of programs may not be suitable for young children. Families can display these programs for their children at their own discretion. The rules of these programs are: no swearing or very light, no sex or very little sex, and finally no violent conversation.

Category TV-14

These programs are not suitable for children under 14 years of age and families do not allow them. Sometimes some scenes may not be suitable for children under 14, in which case this rating is used. Schmigadoon age rating TV-series parent guide is this category.

Category TV-MA

This series of programs is not suitable for children under the age of 17. In this series of networks, sexual relations are seen in a limited way, but they are not fully implemented.


New crime documentary movies 2021

Unfortunately, 2021 cannot be considered a good year for the film industry because the Corona Pandemic, With all these interpretations, it cannot ignore new crime documentary movies 2021 in which they have been seen more successful works than other genres.

like all businesses, has caused serious damage to the film industry.

List of new crime documentary movies 2021

  • Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer

The series is directed by James Carroll and Tyler Russell and it is one of  the New crime documentary movies 2021. This series is in the social documentary genre. The series stars are Gil Carillo, Frank Salerno, Tony Valdés, Laurel Eriksen, and Paul Skalnick.

In this series, the identification of the suspect by detectives, the chase to arrest him begins. The people are doing their best to end the terrible rule of the night bat over the city.

  • American Murder: The Family Next Door

It is about thirty-eight-year-old Shannon Watts and his two young daughters who suddenly disappear, and their story is complex throughout Colorado.

  • The Forever Prisoner

The film follows the story of Abu Zubaydah, the first valuable prisoner to be subjected to the CIA program, who was later tortured by outsiders.

The Forever Prisoner Contains a collection of visual essays that celebrate the history of cinema, as well as moments that have thrilled and challenged film and cinema lovers, or challenged and changed them forever.

  • Shiny flakes the teenage drug lord

German shiny flakes the teenage drug lord is one of the new crime documentary movies 2021 was released on August 3. It is based on the life of Maximilian Schmidt, who runs a drug empire. Because Max does not talk about family and close friends, he is ashamed of his work, but he gets points from all of them. He also talks about how he hacks accounts.

  • The Little Things

The story of Little Things is  about Deputy Sheriff Joe Dick with Sergeant Jim Baxter, one of Los Angeles’s best police officers, is sent to Los Angeles to gather evidence in the case of a serial killer. But as they go along, they come across new facts that make case solving more difficult for them.

  • New crime documentary movie 2021, Body Brokers ,

The story of “Body Brokers” that is one of the New crime documentary movies 2021 begins when two Ohio addicts named “Utah” and “Opal” are brought to Los Angeles by a charismatic person named “Wood” to quit addiction at a recovery center.

But Utah and Opal soon realize that the recovery center, with helping of a professional psychologist named Dr. White, is using clients as bait for their crimes.

  • No Sudden Move

No Sudden Move” is a story in Detroit in 1955 that tells the story of a group of unprofessional criminals who steal a document on a seemingly simple mission. But when their plans go unanswered, their search for the person who hired them engages them with different urban classes.

  • Adrienne

Adrienne is the name of the New crime documentary movies 2021 directed by Andy Strawy. The film’s synopsis states that Adrienne Shelley was a shining star in the independent film industry as the Museum of Hall Hartley Independent Classics and as the acclaimed waiter writer / director.

  • Cruella Crime Movie

The story of “Cruella” that is one of the New crime documentary movies 2021 takes place in the midst of the punk rock movement in the 1970s in is about an enthusiastic and young fashion designer named “Stella Miller”. Stella manages to find a way that leads her to become a famous fashion designer named Corolla de Ville. Many critics have praised Emma Stone for her role in the film.

  • Swamp Crime Movie

“Stillwater” that is one of the New crime documentary movies 2021 tells the story of a man named “Bill” who is an employee of an oil rig and suddenly realizes that his daughter is in prison in France for murder.

He went to France and after his daughter says she did not commit the murder, despite his unfamiliarity with the French language, the different legal system of France compared to the United States and the different cultures of the two countries, he tries to prove his daughter’s innocence…

The best romance movies in 2021, romantic movies in rlstop

The best romance movies in 2021 contain a large number of emotional stories with presenting famous stars, great directors and popular singers.

Romance movies such as action and comedy have always been one of the most popular genres of cinema, and last year the best romance movies in 2020 were very successful despite the corona epidemic and the closure of cinemas.

In comparison with horror movies, it is always difficult to find a good romance movie. For decades, Indian romance movies have been the main competitors of Hollywood cinema in this genre, and in recent years, Korean romance films as well as Turkish romance movies have become very popular in many countries of the world; but the work of American directors is still the most popular in the world.

The best romance movies in 2021 in order of release date are:

  • The Dig

The Dig is a historical drama film based on the novel of the same name by John Preston, based on the real events of the first half of the twentieth century.

It is directed by Simon Stone with a screenplay by Moira Buffini. High ratings from IMDB users and metacritical critics along with Real’s story are the factors that have made this work one of the best romance films in 2021.

The Dig tells the story of real and historical events related to the discovery of a medieval archeological site in England.

Edith (played by Kerry Mulligan) with helping of an archaeologist named Basil (played by Ralph Fiennes) finds the remains of an old cemetery.

  • Malcom and Marie

One of The best romance movies in 2021 is  Malcom and Marie. This film is the story of a movie director named Malcolm (played by John David Washington) who, after the initial release of his film, is waiting for the critics’ opinions with his wife Marie (played by Zendaya).

  • Little Fish

Little Fish is about a young couple named Emma (played by Olivia Cook) and Jude (played by Jack O’Connell) who try to maintain their life and relationship. But the spread of a dangerous virus that destroys memory has made things difficult, and the couple must now look out for their shared memories.

  • The Right One

Sarah (played by Cleopatra Coleman) is a writer who needs a new source to write a new story. He finds his source of inspiration after meeting Godfrey (played by Nick Tone), who has a multiple personality, but he realizes this when Godfrey tries to start a serious relationship with him.  This film released in BLURAY  category.

  • To All the Boys: Always and Forever

After returning from a spring family trip to Korea and finding a note from her mother, Lara Jin Kavi (played by Lana Kander) made important decisions for the future of her life and university, and this created problems for her affair with Peter. With the game Nova Traditional Neo).

  • The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

Margaret and Mike (played by Katherine Newton and Kyle Allen), two teenagers who are forced to repeat their previous day every day due to the cycle of time. In this movie,they have worked together to create a new way for this boring life.

  • Last Letter from Your Lover

One of The best romance movies in 2021 is Last Letter from Your Lover that  a young London reporter named Ellie (played by Felicity Jones) is impressed by the couple’s relationship after finding a collection of love letters since the 1960s.

  • In the Heights

The film tells the story of a local store owner who, after gaining considerable inheritance, engages in conflicting feelings about closing a store and spending the rest of his life in the Dominican Republic.

  • In the Heights

The film tells the story of a local store owner who after gaining considerable inheritance, engages in conflicting feelings about closing a store and spending the rest of his life in the Dominican Republic.

  • The French Dispatch

This film does not have a simple and explicable story and it is narrated in 3 different perspectives and based on love letters from different authors and journalists. Many of the characters in this film are real and based on the experiences of Wes Anderson. So that it is One of the best romance movies in 2021.

  • Cinderella

Cinderella (played by Camila Cabio), who lives a very difficult life under the cruelty and unkindness of her stepmother and stepsisters, she has no desire but to attend the king and queen party and meet the young prince.…

Top websites for download Blu-ray Movies free

Have you ever been looking for websites to download Blu-ray movies free? In this article, I will mention 10 free crystal movie download websites where you can easily download your favorite movies in crystal format.

First, let’s a brief definition of Blu-ray

Blu-ray discs look like DVDs and CDs. Most of the Blu-ray on the market are printable. This means that they can print the images desired by users on these disks. They have a very high image quality and can easily burn Full HD or 1080p quality movies or quality movies and 3D movies in high quality.

Because Blu-ray Discs support countless pixels and a wide range of detailed colors, this technology is used to store 3D images. It can even be said that Blu-Ray technology is the only way to store 3D images. The colors on this disc are so rich and high quality that even if 3D technology is not used, 3D images will appear.

Blu-ray discs need their own special players. These devices are currently more expensive than DVD players. You can watch Blu-ray movies with your DVD drive. Just make a movie in BD-Rip format. This format is the captured version of Blu-ray Discs. Which has the same quality but can be easily stored on DVDs.

VLC is one of the best software that can help you play BD-Rip movies.

in this article Top websites for download Blu-ray Movies free is presented.

1-The Pirate Bay

In this website, you can find many things such as movies, series, TV shows, games, software, audiobooks, the song and etc. The working environment with this website is very comfortable and it has not changed for years and does not need to be changed. This website offers a VIP section that provides a safer download. Due to its low ads, it has been very popular with users. Use this site if you want to have a world of movies.

One of the Top websites for download Blu-ray Movies free is This website does not have a modern and attractive appearance, but its focus is on healthy and secure torrents.

The website is a little different because it calls itself a torrent search engine. In a way, it searches all torrents from torrent websites.

There is a tracker on the home screen that shows popular download trends and categories for selecting content to download.


This website only supports TV shows. It is very light and has a simple appearance. Users can create accounts and add torrents to their list of popular torrents. This site has undergone many changes in the past. It is stable now and works well.

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In this website, a beautiful user interface can be seen that 3D movie torrents are also available to users. You can also watch 720p and 1080p movies.


RARBG website has been operating since 2008 and has gained a lot of popularity for its high quality videos and very good speed, therefore it was able to attract the most audience to its site in the shortest possible time.

RARBG is considered as one of the Top websites for download Blu-ray Movies free. Unfortunately, the RARBG website has been blocked in many countries, including Bulgaria, Denmark, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

For accessing RARBG, you can use different VPNs for visiting the RARBG site without any restrictions.…

Is Blu-ray better than web rip?

If the Blu-ray quality is compared with web rip quality, it will be concluded that Blu-ray better than web rip.

Blu-ray movies are actually ripped versions of movies on Blu-ray discs and are offered with the same original movie quality and at very high frame rates. This version is the highest quality available for downloading and watching movies and series and has a resolution of 1080 and excellent sound quality. Usually the size of movies with this quality is between 12 to 18 GB.

Web rip quality movies are downloaded from online sources as before; But because they are slightly re-encoded, they are of lower quality than Blu-ray and are usually released in MKV format and 1080 or 720 resolution.

Comparing Blu-ray with web rip for confirming that is Blu-ray better than web rip?

Blu-ray technology can be called a type of hard disk with the ability to store data in a very high volume. A Blu-ray Disc is a type of optical disc or optical disc that has many times the capacity of a regular DVD.

In Blu-ray technology, it is possible to store information by irradiating a kind of blue laser on the surface of disks. In fact, in these disks, information can be stored on disks by irradiating this blue laser. This feature allows you to store DVDs up to several times the capacity of Blu-ray Discs.

Blu-ray discs are easily found on the market today. The special feature of Blu-ray discs available in the market is its ability to print all kinds of labels on these discs.

Movies from web rip is online DRM unlocked source such as Hulu, CrunchyRoll or WWE Network are ripped, CrunchyRoll or WWE Network are ripped. This version is qualitatively close to Web-DL, the only difference being the lower bitrates to save bandwidth. The files are extracted from the RTMF protocol and converted from MP4 or FLV format to MKV format without loss of quality.

Introducing and reviewing the types of video quality

In the following, the quality of the films will be examined to determine whether Blu-ray better than web rip and other the types of video quality.

3D quality: The term 3D indicates that the film should be viewed with special screens with 3D playback capability. Most of these movies are released in Blu-ray, Web-DL and BRRip quality.

BDRip quality: These movies have a resolution of 1080 and excellent audio and video quality, but have a lower frame-rate than Blu-Ray the size of movies with this quality is usually between 2 and 5 GB.

BRRip quality: BRRip quality movies are the best movie quality that people extract from BDRip quality and is not the official version released by the filmmakers. This quality usually has a resolution of 1080 and excellent audio and video levels.

WEB-DL quality: they are the best quality for watching movies and series. This quality is usually released in both 1080 and 720 resolution.

HDTV quality: Today, most serials with this quality are published on the Internet and in addition to 1080 and 720 resolutions, they also include 480 resolutions.

TVRip quality: TVRip quality videos are recorded on TV using a capture card and usually feature the broadcast network logo or advertising subtitles.

Since Blu-ray is a resource, it offers better quality. So Blu-ray better than web rip.

DVDRip quality: DVDRip quality movies are actually a ripped version of a movie from a DVD disc and are usually released on the Internet at 480p resolution, so they have a low volume.

HDCAM quality: HDCAM quality movies, movies with an HD camera or mobile phone are recorded from the cinema screen and the sound source of such files is the microphone of the phone or camera. For this reason, the sound quality of these releases is not good at all and will contain various noises.

HDTS quality: HDTS quality movies, movies are recorded with the camera from the cinema screen, but the movie sound is synced to the image from a better source.

The sequence of qualities from bottom to top is as follows: As can be seen Blu-ray better than web rip:

CAM -> HDCAM-> TS -> HDTS-> TC -> DVDScr -> R6 -> R5 -> DVDRip -> R2 -> R-> WEBRip -> HDrip -> Web-dl -> BRrip -> BDRip -> Blu-ray