Release Description:

Nebraska takes place in 2020 as a journalist writing a book about mid-west America, who runs out of gas in a rural area of Nebraska. The journalist stumbles across the ruins of an abandoned horror attraction in his search for help. With no other option, he steps in and begins to explore, getting trapped inside as the door slams behind him. Players will explore and uncover the secret facility that lies beneath the attraction and discover the terrible experiments that have taken place there.

Nebraska is a survival horror game heavily inspired by games like Amnesia the dark descent and Penumbra black plague. The game has an advanced physics system where players can interact with almost anything in the environment. Players will have to solve puzzles to advance through the game, including the use of the physics system in certain situations. The player must also manage their body temperature, as getting too cold or hot could result in hypothermia or heat stroke.

The game is not only horror, but also very story-driven and can have times of sadness, happiness, and of course fear. Nebraska’s plot involves different characters that will help you progress through the facility. Will they help you or will they betray you…

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Benjamin Matthew Goodwin
Publisher: Benjamin Matthew Goodwin

Release Name: Nebraska-PLAZA
Size: 9.5 GB
Links: STEAM

Download: KatFile

A House of Thieves Halloween-PLAZA

Release Description:

A House of Thieves is a level-based stealth comedy-horror game about a Thief who doesn’t go shopping but instead takes his shopping list and breaks into random houses to get his things.
Imagine you want to cook some Pasta but you run out of Tomato Sauce. You are also not the kind of person who goes to a supermarket and pays for their groceries. What do you do?
Correct! Break into your neighbor’s house and work through your shopping list!

PC version (mouse and keyboard) of the popular indie VR game There is a Thief in my House.Excellent replayability

  • Each item on your list is chosen at random
  • Items change their location every time you repeat a level
  • AI randomly walks around the house – there is no system behind the movements of the AI

Unlockable gadgets

  • The faster you finish a level, the more stars you get
  • Reach certain numbers of stars to unlock gadgets


  • Up to 4 players against an AI or 3 players against another player
  • Play as the homeowner and place traps to stop your opponents


  • Enable subtitles (for the deaf / hard of hearing)


  • Complete game: English, German, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese from Brazil
  • Part of the game (only list): Russian, Korean

Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Strategy
Developer: Kucki
Publisher: Kucki

Release Name: A.House.of.Thieves.Halloween-PLAZA
Size: 3.9 GB
Links: STEAM

Download: KatFile


Release Description:

KOBOLOK is an ethnic horror game based on an Eastern European fairytale about round bread “Kolobok” aka “O Koblížkovi” aka “Pannkauken”.

This is a story about a boy who ran away from his parents and got lost in the woods. The woods were dark and trembling, so the boy wanted to find a new herd, and he did indeed!

That was a wonderful pack full of friendship and unity, but every good essence has its price, and the price for the boy was terrible! A brutal bread contest that was necessary to happen every 3 years. I can not tell you about the contest. If I will, it will be spoiled. So take a deep dive into the mystery!

  • The mysterious story about a man, who is stuck in a time loop with the cult in the mountains
  • Different locations from forest to roads and old Ukrainian apartment
  • Nostalgic PS1 style graphics
  • Atmospheric sound
  • You will be spooked and intrigued!

You escaped from your grandpa, you escaped from your grandma, but you can’t escape me!

Genre: Adventure
Developer: WooFoo
Publisher: WooFoo Games

Size: 461.1 MB
Links: STEAM

Download: Katfile

Go Back to Hell-DARKZER0

Release Description:

Introduction to the game:

This is a click game with horror theme to find hidden items.

Players play an exorcist and go to all kinds of gloomy and terrible scenes to investigate suspicious hidden items.

Some of them are illogical and strange, some are supernatural ghosts, or bloody and terrible.

As an exorcist, the homeowner invites you to eliminate demons. He certainly doesn’t want you to miss any demons and ghosts, so within the time, click with the mouse to find all hidden items, otherwise ghosts will jump out to scare players.

Every time a thorough investigation is carried out and no suspicious points are omitted, the picture will become a little warm, which will be counted as passing the customs and accumulate the completion points of the scene.

Game features:

10 different gloomy scenes, each containing 20 hidden items.

Different from everyone’s fault finding, it is not the reference and comparison between the left and right of the two pictures, but a single picture, with a wider field of vision.

The number of hidden items in the scene each time is random and does not tell the player the remaining number.

After playing each scene repeatedly and accumulating 100%, the button to enter the two week eye mode will appear.

The second week’s eyes are shrouded in dark fog, the visual range becomes smaller, the scene becomes red, the music of each scene becomes more urgent, the number of hidden items increases and the time becomes less.

One second will be deducted for each mistake.

Some simple and interesting hidden achievements.

The rules are simple and there is no language understanding barrier.

The process is not long. You can get a refund if you don’t like it.

Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: 冷笑黑妖
Publisher: 冷笑黑妖

Release Name:
Size: 110.3 MB
Links: STEAM

Download: Katfile

BATS Bloodsucker Anti Terror Squad-DARKZER0

Release Description:

“Ridiculously over-the-top!”
-Shack News

“Setting itself apart from the stereotypical vampire game.”
-Screen Rant

“Insanely bloody…looks to be an absolute blast!”
-Dread XP

“The bloodiest game I have ever seen!”
-Dr. Otto Von Splatter, hematologist and avid gamer

Based on the coolest animated TV show that never was, BATS stars Count Bloodvayne and the rest of Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad as they battle Scorpion Supreme and the ruthless terrorist organization, STING! (Syndicate for Terror and Illegal Non-Government, voted the world’s #1 terrorist organization.) Did you ever want GI Joe with vampires? Well now you can have it, buddy!

BATS is a throwback to the action sidescrollers of the 16-bit era, with a modern twist. It’s a fast-paced, arcade brawler-shooter-slasher that rewards precision play and pixel-perfect timing. Play like a pro or take your time running around killing terrorists, slicing off heads and sucking up blood at your own pace. It’s up to you! Either way, you’re gonna have a bloody good time.


There are five hand-crafted levels of STING’s fortress for the player to explore. Each level is filled with dangerous traps, deadly hazards, and an endless supply of Scorp soldiers to slice and dice into bloody bits.

As players progress through the levels they will collect blood droplets, which can be used to activate super deadly vampire powers, making the wholesale slaughter of disposable soldiers a breeze!

But watch out, there’s still plenty of swinging saw blades, terrorist zombies, and electrocution chambers to navigate. And don’t forget the STING sauna!


The Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad is a secret government organization that fights crime…one bite at a time! There are five playable characters in the game. Players start as BATS leader, Count Bloodvayne, and unlock the other members of the team as they complete each level.

Count Bloodvayne
This Victorian-era vampire was once a detective for Scotland Yard. While on the hunt for Jack the Ripper, he was bitten by a creature of the night and transformed into Count Bloodvayne, vampire of justice! Count Bloodvayne can transform into a wolf, killing enemies with ease.

Sgt. Sabre
Sabre’s mother was bitten by a vampire when he was in utero. Half human, half vampire, and all muscle, Sgt. Sabre swings his mighty blade to slice terrorists into little meat chunks. When he’s powered up, Sabre spins like a whirlwind to decimate his foes.

Once your average millennial suburban kid, Mitzie’s encounter with an organic, artisanal, hand-crafted protein shake from Bavaria transformed her into a winged bloodsucker of vengeance! Her flying abilities make her the most maneuverable of the team.

Rick Ghastley
Rick was a member of the 90s boy band sensation, Boyz Town. But a run-in with a sexy vampire groupie turned his thirst for love into a thirst for blood! Rick uses a deadly shotgun to blast the bad guys to bits. He’s also working on a comeback album.

No one knows how old Nosferadude is, or where he comes from, or even if “he” is a he. But one thing is clear, Nosferadude is agile and a dangerous predator. He collects more blood than anyone else on the team, making his vampire rage even more deadly!

Every team needs a mascot, and Squirt is the bat with the can-do attitude that makes the team go! Finding Squirt will protect any BATS member from one hit.

Scorpion Supreme
Scorpion Supreme is the ruthless leader of STING, voted the world’s #1 terrorist organization. With pincers for hands and a venomous tail, Scorpion Supreme is Count Bloodvayne’s greatest foe. He also has a terrible temper, always killing his trusted Scorp minions for screwing up.


  • Five levels to master
  • Five characters to unlock
  • Boss Rush mode – test your skillz!
  • Speedrun mode – go for the record!
  • Realistic BloodEFX technology
  • Historically accurate vampire powers
  • Hilarious and unfortunate deaths
  • Thousands of screams

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Ritual Games
Publisher: The MIX Games, One Eyed Robot

Release Name: BATS.Bloodsucker.Anti.Terror.Squad-DARKZER0
Size: 232.2 MB
Links: STEAM

Download: Katfile


Release Description:

“Bunhouse is just the most wholesome, sweet, good-spirited thing, and its simple joy is a rarity for video games” – Digitally Downloaded

“Bunhouse could prove to be the most wholesome game of 2021” – Destructoid

Bunhouse is a cute couch co-hop game focused on growing plants and managing a greenhouse with fellow buns.

Sometimes life is hectic. Sometimes we just need to take a breather and relax in a happy little world filled with bunnies. This is the core vision of Bunhouse – a game you can play solo or with your friends to relax and be happy. There is nothing to kill, no one to be better than, just some plants that need watering and a greenhouse full of possibility.

Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Reky Studios
Publisher: Reky Studios

Release Name: Bunhouse-DARKSiDERS
Size: 1.1 GB
Links: STEAM

Download: Katfile


Release Description:

A ritual for the darkest of times. A game about community and change in a fractured world.


You Are Weak is a first person experimental exploration game, made out of 7 levels with different visual styles. Mainly you will explore these inner worlds by walking or flying around. You will encounter some very light puzzle, but overall this game is a story based experience.

The game is meant to be played in one sitting, but it has an auto-save system so you can play it in multiple sessions. Depending on your way of playing, a playthrough will take between 30 minutes and 2 hours.


WASD/Arrows to move

When flying – SPACE to glide up, ALT to glide down

Left Mouse Click to interact


In addition to in-house sounds, this game contains music by Asio Otus, Random Select, Luminance and Area 57.

Genre: Indie
Developer: Outlands
Publisher: Outlands

Release Name: You.Are.Weak-DARKSiDERS
Size: 2.2 GB
Links: STEAM

Download: Katfile

Recontact London Cyber Puzzle-DARKSiDERS

Release Description:

Become a Cyber Detective
Find the cyber threats plaguing London and advance the story by examining files, clues from journals or CCTVs.

Ghosts are among us!
Use the cameras to find the ghosts that haunt the streets and save the people of London living in fear.

All of London at your fingertips…
Dominate the map of London with satellite imagery and complete a variety of over 100 puzzles located throughout the city.

Be the best!
Compete with other players and prove that you are the best cyber detective worldwide.

A cinematic detective story with a strong cast…
A unique experience starring Ross Mullan, known for Game of Thrones, with music by the philharmonic orchestra from Moscow.


Recontact London is unlike any other game. It has a never-ending storyline that is constantly updated and progresses with 5 totally different types of puzzles in which you find suspects using security cameras and satellite images and inspect crime scenes in reality!

One day a call comes in to the police station and at midnight you learn that a ghost has been caught by a security camera at a bank in London. The news is on every channel across the country and the task falls to you to solve the mystery. You discover how serious the and profound the investigation actually is as you track the ghost through London’s streets using security camera footage. No more spoilers, though, it’s up to you to discover the rest from now on!

A cinematic detective story with a strong cast
As the lead, you’ll come across other characters as the story progresses, such as world-famous TV and film actor Ross Mullan. Are you ready to discover his secrets on the streets of London?

Compete against other players around the world on the Recontact Leaderboard and show them who the best cyber-detective is!

Follow here for new levels, new puzzles and features coming soon!

Who We Are?

The passion of the Recontact Games, which starts with the motto of Playable Arts, is to builds the films on videos and cinematic, which are direct game dynamics, not on multiple choice storytelling. In this form, Recontact will make a name for itself in the video gaming industry with original content.
Thanks to passionate works of Recontact team, previously Recontact Istanbul and Recontact Istanbul Eyes of Sky has received international awards, the App Store has selected it as the game of the year, and now, they are back with a global project, Recontact London, to the world of mobile games in an ambitious way.
For Recontact London, the team has changed all the game mechanics from the scratch and it includes major changes. The big difference of the new game is now that we play ourselves instead of playing a game character. As the head of London’s cybercrime team games, it prepares to meet gamers with video puzzles and a never-ending story stream. In addition to be a hidden object game with CCTV cameras to find the suspects, it offers 5 more brand new video-based puzzle game using new technologies and it brings a breath of fresh air to the investigation scenes.

The starring actor is Ross Mullan, who plays the character Whitewalker in the world-famous Game of Thrones series, has also made a name for himself in projects such as Doctor Who and Clash of Titans. The Original Music of Recontact:London performed by 60 amazing musicians at one of the best Symphony Orchestra in Moscow. Filmed in British Museum to create an unique artistic experience for gamers.

As known from the previous game Eyes of Sky, the cybercrime organization Recontact manipulated the security cameras and made the crimes seem to have been committed by others. In London, things are becoming more serious. Mysterious ghosts stand out in the security footage of hundreds of people in coma within a country. Our mission as cybercrime team is to unravel the secret of ghosts and try to find out if the power behind them is Recontact.

Genre: Simulation
Developer: Recontact Games
Publisher: Recontact Games

Release Name: Recontact.London.Cyber.Puzzle-DARKSiDERS
Size: 2.7 GB
Links: STEAM

Download: Katfile

War Mongrels-CODEX

Release Description:

Do you enjoy a good mix of tactical elements, adventure, and stealth, all tightly packed into a dark, fascinating story? We felt it was a rhetorical question, so that’s the experience we’ve crafted 😉

Try different tactics in each mission. Distract the enemies or drop parts of destroyed buildings on their heads. The interactive environment opens up many tactical options for you to explore.

Have you been spotted? Draw your weapon and try to shoot your way out!

Join forces with a friend and build your team of mongrels as you play! Each character has their own personality, background, and skills to use during the journey.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Strategy
Developer: Destructive Creations
Publisher: Destructive Creations, Surefire.Games, DMM Games – Asia

Release Name: War.Mongrels-CODEX
Size: 17.5 GB
Links: STEAM

Download: KatFile