The Painscreek Killings v1.7.6-TiNYiSO


Release Description:

The Painscreek Killings is a story-rich, murder mystery investigation game.

As Janet, a young and upcoming journalist, you have been asked by your editor to investigate the mysterious abandonment of a once lively town. Based on the information released by the media about the deaths of the townspeople, you set foot into the town thinking you would find an interesting story to publish, only to uncover secrets that were meant to stay hidden forever.

Can you expose the truth behind this town’s dark secrets?GAMEPLAYThe Painscreek Killings borrows mechanics from a walking simulator but goes beyond it by making the players think. It mimics real world investigations with logical puzzles that do not hold your hand, allow you to explore wherever your investigation lead, and a captivating story waiting to be discovered. The game encourages you to explore the surroundings carefully, collect clues and hints to help your investigation, and find evidence to expose the truth about the killings. There are no quest markers or hint systems to aid in your journey. You will be forced to think, to connect the dots and to piece things together, making you feel like a real investigator


  • Free-Roaming, Semi-Open World:
    Explore wherever you want based on the clues and hints gathered during your investigation.
  • Mimics Real World Investigation:
    Take notes and photograph important clues. No handholding, and no quest marker or hint system is provided.
  • Logical Puzzles:
    Use your powers of observation and deduction to solve all that stands in your way.
  • Rich and Captivating Storyline:
    Uncover the conspiracies, heartaches, jealousy and hidden secrets that were meant to be buried with the abandoned town.

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: EQ Studios
Publisher: EQ Studios

Release Name: The.Painscreek.Killings.v1.7.6-TiNYiSO
Size: 3.4 GB
Links: STEAM

Download: KatFile



The Wind Road v1 9 1-DARKSiDERS

Release Description:

“The Wind Road” is an ARPG real-time combat game, constructing a martial-arts world based on the ancient Silk Road under the background of a fictional era.

The Barbarians of Grey Wolf have invaded the Silk Road for hundred years! Now they have sent troops to Shazhou with a purpose to capture the important site of Longyou, threatening the safety of tens of thousands of common people.

At this time, the Great Karma Scripture emerges and becomes the key to reverse the fate of Shazhou and even the entire Longyou trade route. The Barbarians are strictly preventing the monks (Scripture Escorts) from sending the Scripture to the Imperial Court, while all the forces in Jianghu who covet the Scripture’s secret also go into action. The character’s task is originally to help the decent sects escort the monks on their mission. However, he uncovers the secret of Scripture coincidentally after suffering a variety of trails and setbacks in ten days!

Finally, in the choice of fate, the character has to undertake the mission and becomes a real hero, taking the first step to stop the chaos of the world…

As a real-time combat martial-arts ARPG game, its core gameplay is combat. Various elements determine the Role’s combat rhythm.————[Basic Status]————
[Health]: The character’s Health, determines the his survival time in combat. “Grows through the cultivating the Inner Qi Method and taking mediciness.”
[Qi]: Value of the character’s Qi, required to use Internal Moves (QER skills). “Grows through cultivating Inner Qi Method and taking medicine.”
[Stamina]: Value of the character’s stamina, determines the frequency of his Sprint, Roll, and Block. “Grows through cultivating the Inner Qi Method and taking medicine.”
[Rage]: Value of the character’s rage, gathers when he suffers attacks. Once the rage reaches a certain amount, he can perform a swift move that breaks the enemy’s defense. (Based on the weapons on the back.)

————[Combat Techniques]————
[Dodge]: Use the Lightness Technique “Traceless” to get out of the melee area of the enemy instantly.
[Roll]: Roll over to avoid the attacks from the enemy. The distance of a roll is longer and can be used together with dodge.

[Block]: Use up stamina to block attacks from the enemy.
[Insight]: Critical attacks in a hopeless situation. In combat, whether you are attacking or defending, once you see through the flaws of the enemy, you can easily reverse the combat situation. It greatly increases the contingency of the situation and shows the exciting and real combat in Jianghu. Perform it by blocking at the moment (Sword Riposte) the enemy attacks, or by using the special Inner Qi Method.

————[Real-time Combat Martial Arts]————
The core gameplay of this title is immersive real-time combat. When facing fierce enemies, players have to deal with them through Block, Dodge, Insight, Response, and other techniques. Players can have endless fun in real-time combat and can combine different martial-arts moves, forming their combat ideas and styles.
[Swordplay]: A sword is always the favorite weapon of every Xia. In this title, players can use various kinds of Swordplay and perform natural and smooth sword moves. (Can block and perform Sword Riposte, but cannot use Hidden Weapons.)

[Fist & Palm]: Whether in actual combat or movies and novels, Fist and Palm techniques are the essential elements of martial arts. In this title, Palm Blaster supported by Inner Qi is not the only thing to be seen, but also the Wing Chun and Drunken Boxing. The powerful Palm Blaster is the best choice for dealing with the ranged enemies. (Can use Hidden Weapons, but cannot block; Costs a lot of Stamina)

[Response]: Moves of player can also be seen through and solved by the enemy, causing the Blade Impact effect.

[Inner Qi Response]: The player’s Inner Qi can be offset by the enemy’s. Just think about the impact effect between Dragon-subduing Palms and Intangible Swords. Meanwhile, the Inner Qi can also destroy some objects in the scene.

[Inner Qi Method & Meridians]: In this title, there are 6 different kinds of Inner Qi Methods and 6 completely different ways to play, which are different for combat and healing. For example: “Arts of Violet Mist” is specially designed for hardcore players. It has super low Health and powerless blocks but provides sufficient Qi and Crit Damage. While “Sinew-changing Classic” has sufficient Health, but to Buddha’s mercy, it will not cause Crit or hit the enemy’s weakness, however, it can transfer the damage suffered and has a great effect on healing wounds and resisting Internal Injuries.

[Inner Qi–Psi-Sword]: When the player activates the Inner Qi Method, different Psi-Sword effects will be generated, depending on the special effect of the Inner Qi used. Once this effect is triggered, the player …


Release Description:

KOF 2002 UM,
fully upgraded version of KOF 2002 & 2nd title in the UM series,
joins the battle on STEAM!ABOUT THE GAMEThe second title in the UM series is a fully upgraded version of KOF 2002, a masterpiece of the KOF series deserving of a place honor along with KOF ’98. Based on THE NESTS CHRONICLES, this title includes the most characters of any title in KOF history. All graphics and background music have been completely redone and the game balance has also been extensively redesigned. New moves have been added and others have been brought back, meaning that players can enjoy battling it out for longer than ever.

For the latest in SNK news and community events, drop by our official Discord channel!

・66 characters in all – the most playable characters ever in the KOF series:
With DNA from Kyo and K’, this title’s original character Nameless is ready for action!
In addition to characters that appeared in the original KOF 2002, formidable fighters from THE NESTS CHRONICLES as well as additional characters and hidden characters keep popping up to fight!

・Don’t miss the updated graphics and production:
・Updated game sounds:
The demo screens, cut-scenes, and winning screens are worth a look:[/b]
What’s more, all background music has been updated for more intense matches!
Tons of new moves and old moves that have been brought back are found in this title only!
Feel the heat of the upgraded MAX2!!

・Fully upgraded and redesigned system and game balance for all characters:
Each character’s special and extra-special moves are former moves and power-changing moves from past series as well as many new moves created for this title only.
The MAX2 move for all characters is even more impressive than ever. Now easier to use in real matches for a show of supreme power!!

・Includes many game modes:
Not only can 50 different moves be practiced in both “normal” and “expert” difficulties in Challenge Mode, players can also create original combos in “Practice Mode”. There is also “Endless Mode”, where players can battle against the CPU for as long as their endurance will allow.

Genre: Action
Developer: SNK CORPORATION, Code Mystics

Size: 668.3 MB
Links: STEAM

Download: KatFile



EscapeWorld Dilemma-TiNYiSO


Release Description:

Player Reviews
“The awesomeness of this game completely shocked me. Based on the bland title and screenshots, it looked like just another bad indie puzzle game that I would either quit out of boredom or frustration. I was NOT expecting the best puzzle game I played since the Talos Principle and one of the best Myst-like games ever made. Truly a hidden gem.” -wintersofi

“Nicely done! In my continuous quest to find games like Quern, Obduction, and of course the Myst series, I stumbled upon this gem the day it was released.” – Snoop Bob

“I would definitely recommend the game to others. Particularly those who enjoyed Myst, Rhem and The Witness. Looking forward to more from this developer.” – robertwholmes

“This is a really good adventure puzzle game. The environment is very large spanning multiple islands with different geographies and themes, from high desert to the depths of a coal mine.” – mitchell_the_first

The Game
How did you end up at Escapeworld? Without your consent, you were snatched from your every day life. Basically, kidnapped. Teleported to Escapeworld. Now you are standing, alone, in a theme-park-sized “Escape Room” that looks like it was supposed to be a puzzle and exploration resort for paying guests. How do you escape these puzzle islands and get back to your world?

That will be no simple matter. But one thing is clear – something has gone badly wrong at Escapeworld. It is up to you to not only escape, but to see if you can fix Escapeworld. Others are counting on you to make the right choice to resolve the dilemma you face.

Escapeworld Dilemma is an Indie-developed single-player walk around puzzle and exploration game. Of the Escape Room genre, the game takes place in a large, open theme park like world with 12 differently themed islands to explore, many different puzzles to solve, many challenges to overcome, and most importantly, a choice you must make to resolve the dilemma you face.

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Sonoma Games
Publisher: Sonoma Games

Release Name: EscapeWorld.Dilemma-TiNYiSO
Size: 9.8 GB
Links: STEAM

Download: KatFile



Release Description:

Elementite is a third-person shooter RPG that fuses natural elements and futuristic firearms in a vast chaotic open world of challenges and secrets in a way never seen before. You control Chrono, a combatant who has the unique ability to control the time element, allowing him to control battles using close-quarter combat skills and to finish off enemies with a heavy arsenal of firearms imbued with natural elements. Use fire, ice, electricity, and poison to unleash an incredible amount of combat combinations and strategies to overcome your opponents, while experiencing the ultra-realistic graphics powered by the Unreal Engine with Ray Tracing.

The idea for the game came from the references:

Film “Project Power” (Netflix 2020) that tells the story of a world where humans awaken magical powers when they ingest power pills.
Devil My Cry series, mechanics of Hack and Slash.
The Division, mix of elements of third person shooting and RPG.
Dark Souls, boss mechanics and dodge.

Humanity has discovered a mineral that can be used to strengthen the human body. This mineral can awake a natural element in the person’s body, making him immune to almost anything that is harmful, including firearms. For some people it can grant powerful control over some elements.
The formula that is used to make this mineral strengthen humans had become a powerful tool for corporations and organizations to earn money, and eventually it became an uncontrolled fever worldwide.
Decades later, humanity begins to fall. The overuse of the mineral had caused diseases, loss of consciousness among other bizarre side effects. However, for groups that have the pure form of the mineral, they were able to evolve their physical capacity to unbelievable levels.
Without governments, the conflict is managed by big and powerful companies that control the extraction and research of the mineral. The society as we know has collapsed. Private armies, terrorist groups, rebel factions and dozens of lost addicts wander the cities that are at war for controlling the mineral.
Civilians are trapped in their homes.

The game starts in the ruins of a metropolis, in the distant future, after a great war that ended the last democratic government in the world. You play Chrono, a former fighter from the last government who escaped from a research lab where he was a victim of experiments with Elementite. Chrono has awakened the unique ability to use the element of time and is now hunted for it.

You play as Chrono, a very talented ex-soldier of the Global Council. He fought alongside Brigit, his ex-girlfriend, for years across the globe to prevent the fall of civilization, until he was captured by the Corporation after the fall of the Council. He was put under lab experiences that awoke powers he had never seen before.
Elementite System

The elementite combat system is divided into two distinct modes, the melee mode and the shooter mode.
-In melee mode Chrono uses his knife imbued with the element of time provided by his own body and performs various combos and abilities that influence time and space such as teleports, slow, time dilation, among others.
In addition, he has the ability to perform physical strikes from other elements if acquired in the skill shop at higher levels.
-In shooter mode Chrono can use up to 4 firearms at the same time that fire shots imbued with the 4 elements fire, ice, electric and poison. As elementite gives enemies the power of element damage immunity, the player must switch weapons to shoot the enemy using his weak point element.
Ice enemies take fire damage, fire enemies take poison damage, and so on.
And this is how the combat system of the Elementite Game works, the player will have to use skill to choose weapons and physical attacks adapted to the enemy’s element in real time.

As in all RPG Chrono has a system of talent points that can be used every time he level up, he can focus his talents on 3 types: Power (Damage), Vitality (Resistance), Agility (time skills).

Another Features

– Stealth or armed combat.
– An open world with several primary and secondary missions and the freedom to play the level as many times as you want.
– An inventory with creation resources. Skill trees to develop your character in a way that adapts to your style of play.
– New armor, firearms and melee.
– Battle arenas in other dimensions.
– Cinematics, battles with dynamic bosses.
– High End graphics using UE4 and Ray Tracing

About Me

My name is Danilo, I am Brazilian and creator of the game Elementite. This game has in development since May 2020. My prediction is to finish in 2022. I have been a gamedev for 6 years and worked in other indie games …

The Immaculate Drag-TiNYiSO

Release Description:

Late one insomniac night, a washed-up writer grabs his cigarettes (last pack, for real this time) and sets out into the moonlit streets, searching for closure on the memories that haunt him and inspiration to keep moving forward. As he wanders the block, he shares fleeting connections over cigarettes with other lonely souls living on the fringe.

The Immaculate Drag is an atmospheric first-person walking/talking/smoking simulator, a brief experience that takes players on a melancholic journey through themes of depression, nostalgia, mortality, and the meaning of creativity.

Featuring branching dialogues with a cast of eccentric characters and an evocative original score inspired by retrowave, lof-fi hip hop, and jazz, The Immaculate Drag invites you to light up and let go.

Breathe deep, life is short.

PLEASE NOTE: The Immmaculate Drag is a small game, and a single playthrough should take 30-45 minutes on average.

Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Discrete Infinity
Publisher: Discrete Infinity

Release Name: The.Immaculate.Drag-TiNYiSO
Size: 936 MB
Links: STEAM

Download: KatFile




Warm Snow-PLAZA

Release Description:

While the rich stinks of meat and wine, the bones of the poor litter the roadside..
Great injustice often leads to strange occurrences.
Snow in July can only be remedied through blood.

【A Dark Tale of Sword and Snow】

A strange phenomenon appeared during the 27th Year of the Longwu Era. Snow fell from the sky, which was warm rather than cold to the touch, and did not melt.
People who breathed in the ‘Warm Snow’ lost their minds and became monsters. This phenomenon was later known as ‘Warm Snow’.
Embark on a journey as Warrior ‘Bi-an’ to search for the truth behind the ‘Warm Snow’ and put an end to the this never-ending darkness.

【Countless Combinations】

Six sects, varied Relics, unpredictable excaliburs, the game is full of Rogue-like elements which will keep each challenge in your journey fresh and unique.
Each time you venture into the world would be a whole-new experience, pick your favorite playing style and challenge yourself.

【Thrilling Flying Sword System】

Perform critical destruction with swords that flicker between shadow and light. Control your flying swords with different attributes, attack modes and Relic boosts.

【Reincarnate and Collect the Fragments of Truth】

You decide how you will grow stronger!
Boost your abilities with talent points that you can assign at will.
The truth about this world is hidden in the randomly dropped ‘Memory Fragments’.
Are you ready to discover the secrets behind the Five Great Clans and reveal the truth of this world?

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: BadMudStudio
Publisher: bilibili

Release Name: Warm Snow-PLAZA
Size: 1.1 GB
Links: STEAM

Download: KatFile