Chibi Wars Kinetic Novel-DARKZER0

Release Description:
Chibi Wars is a series of comic ‘kinetic’ visual novel stories.

Stories Included

  • Chibi Wars Issue 1
    The Chibi Female Warriors of Chibi-Edo must face off against the undead hordes, when patient zero an old man sniffs some undies and becomes the first zombie on earth.
  • Chibi Wars Issue 2
    After the battle against the zombies is over a new threat emerges as a vampire arises in Chibi-Edo and quickly begins to turn the many women warriors.
  • Chibi Wars Issue 3
    The finale of the series as the ultimate demon is spawned due to the work of the Chibi Warriors. Can they defeat the arch demon and save the world?

Genre: Action , Adventure , Casual , Indie ,
Developer: Sakura Royale
Publisher: Dharker Studios Ltd

Release Name: Chibi Wars Kinetic Novel-DARKZER0
Size: 156.8 MB
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