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Season 7, Episode 01 – “The Macbeth Family”
Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin are in Windsor with single mum Holly, who has her hands full looking after her two sons, Spencer, 16, and Fletcher, 11. Caring for Spencer, who has cerebral palsy, leaves Holly little time to cook, and as a result the family have become dependent on microwavable ready meals. Whilst Spencer is happy to eat most foods, Fletcher who has recently been diagnosed with autism, is fussier. He regularly skips meals and, like his mum, relies on sugary snacks to get him through the day. It’s time for this family’s diet to have a nutritional overhaul. Can Gregg and Chris get the family cooking tasty food from scratch and tempt them away from their favourite big brands in order to save enough for a much-needed holiday?


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