Release Description:

overview’epic maze’ is a third-person shooter game in which you must find your way to the gramophone in a procedurally generated 3d maze by following its music (stereo speakers/headphones), turn it off, and then return.

Trick is to remember your path, do not get lost in witches’ mansion.

Cinematic, realistic graphics from Epic Games’ Unreal engine 4 (UE4) and Quixel’s megascans.

Enjoy Nicolas Gasparini’s (Myuu) dark piano music while playing the game.
For a best experience, use stereo speakers or headphones.

  • Original new concept.
  • One of a kind.
  • Replayable custom game.

procedurally generated in real-time (different maze every gameplay)3d maze is generated procedurally in real-time making it unique every single time, and its size can be adjusted to suit your gaming style, ranging from small (4x4x1) to very large (15x15X15).

maze size : 5x5x5 vs maze size : 15x15x15

vs SpiderSpider movement is dynamic (leg movement of spiders is calculated in real-time for natural results), which means spiders are CPU intensive. Good processor recommended.

GameplaySet in a Victorian-style old mansion captured by witches, your goal is to find the source of music (gramophone) using headphones (or stereo speakers) for guidance, turn it off, and return without getting lost in the vast maze.

Witches will spawn various spiders to stop you.Our heroKellica Bose, her first mission was to take 10,000 tons of beer behind enemy lines to her fellow soldiers.
To this day nobody knows how she did it, earning her nick name “beer witch”.Campaign is designed for

  • fun
  • quick play
  • quickly familiarise you with game mechanics

With four main categories in campaign

  • Gramophone : all missions revolve around following the sound.
  • Should return? : put your sanity to the test as you try to remember your way back to freedom.
  • Spiders : introduces you to various types of spiders and their personalities.
  • Badges : when just winning is not enough, earn a merit badge.

Custom gameCompleting the campaign does not end the game; rather, it begins with custom game play, with an endless possibility of different types of gameplays.

  • Play with or without spiders
  • From friendly spiders to aggressive spiders

Few modes

  • Poisonous air : continuously drains your life, heal yourself by bumping into particular spider.
  • No straying : makes your game challenging, as you have limited amount of steps.
  • Kill more than golden spider : you compete with golden spider for most kills.

Genre: Action
Developer: kylix studio
Publisher: kylix studio

Release Name: Epic.Maze-SKIDROW
Size: 4.2 GB
Links: STEAM

Download: KatFile