Release Description:

Game DescriptionControl B-854, a brand-new testing robot coming right from the factory, created to be put at test in a huge facility filled with testing rooms, deadly traps and parkours!

Evasilix is a semi 3D die and retry adventure across more than 25 levels, all interconnected by a vast Facility Hub.
Jump, dash, roll and run with a unique movement system as you progress into the games and unfold the truth that lies behind evasilix!

Key Features

  • A new way to playIn Evasilix, you will control your character differently from what you can be used to in other games. On the left side of your screen, you will see various buttons that you can interact with your keyboard, each button representing one movement.The movements control works in 2 steps:
    1. Select the movement you want to do in the left panel (Jump, walk, roll…) with the selection keys. (by default WASD, it can be changed in game)
    2. Trigger the movement by pressing a key. (by default SPACE)
    This system allows to have a unique learning progression from level to level, putting your skill and your adaptation at test from easy (in the first levels) to hard (in the last levels).
    • More than 25 distinctive levels
      In Evasilix, you will face more than 25 levels that will test you and challenge you all through your progression into the game! Those levels include parkours, boss and even train levels! Each level is unique and has its own layer.
      It is in those levels that you will put your movements to use and where you will unlock them as things progress. And don’t worry if you are stuck in one level, you can always go to another from the same area to change your mind and come back later to it.
    • A huge HUB filled with secrets
      Explore a huge hub divided into 6 areas, each of them having their own ambiance, mechanics and style! This is where you will go to the different levels. It will also evolve and change as you progress into the story.
      But that’s not it! This hub is also filled with a vast quantity of secrets of all kinds: puzzles, mazes, monster and other weird stuff!
    • A great replayability
      Evasilix has 4 difficulty mods in total: 

      • Normal: The normal way to play the game, challenging but feasible.
      • Impossible: A way harder challenge than the normal mod that will push your skills to the limit.
      • Mirror Normal: Same as normal but all the environment is inverted, get ready to be confused!
      • Mirror Impossible: The hardest way to play the game, with the impossible gameplay and all the environment inverted!This allows to have a great replayability, especially if your are always looking for a harder challenge!

Genre: Indie
Developer: Obstenatis
Publisher: Obstenatis

Release Name: Evasilix-TiNYiSO
Size: 10.5 GB
Links: STEAM

Download: KatFile