Ginga Force v2020.09.23-P2P

Release Description:

Fight over the Earth-like planet of Seventia and its scarce resources of Septonium. A vertical shoot ’em up at its core with an added focus towards immersive storytelling. Follow the story of Alex and Margaret, two exceptional pilots, for the first time on Steam.

  • Various exciting bosses over a dramatic 10-stage Story Mode
  • Alternative Score Attack Mode with Online Leaderboards
  • Pilot three exciting ship types, each with unique firepower
  • Weapon customization system combining main-, sub- and special weapons into thousands of possible combinations
  • Unique lineup of enemy characters each with powerful Mechas to battle against

Genre: Action
Developer: Qute
Publisher: Rising Star Games

Release Name: Ginga Force v2020.09.23-P2P
Size: 1.4 GB

Download: RAPiDGATORKatFile