Gutting Goblins-TiNYiSO

Release Description:

In “Gutting Goblins!”, you play as either Kailani the Berserker, or Coronan the Barbarian as you go on a heart-pumping, vessel-bursting, gore-to-bits rampage in a goblin infested dungeon. These poor suckers have done you and your ilk dirty, and you have been sent as the only resistance against the feisty pests.

It is up to you to break, rob, and kill everything that moves in metal-riff-ic style! Collect green potions to heal and collect deadly lightning axes for double the damage (meaning double the kills and triple the score!). Can you build a higher score than your friends? Slay and find out!

Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Developer: Ciaran Shuart
Publisher: XiaoKhan Games

Release Name: Gutting.Goblins-TiNYiSO
Size: 1 GB
Links: STEAM

Download: KatFile