Inside The Zoo Scotland S02E06 WEB-DL x264-JiVE

Season 2, Episode 06 –
Keeper Phoebe has relocated to Highland Wildlife Park from Edinburgh Zoo and she’s loving her new life. However, she and her fellow keepers experience the highs and lows of animal husbandry with the birth of three calves in the takin herd. Meanwhile, three growing lion cubs leave their mother’s side after the successful pairing of lioness Roberta and male Jayendra, with Roberta getting an implant to prevent further pregnancies. And while the lion enclosure undergoes a revamp, on-site blacksmith Rab gets a call to make an emergency repair to a break in the fence. Elsewhere, keeper Callum takes a tenrec to see the vets as he is worried about a nasty growth in her mouth, and a biopsy must be taken under anaesthetic to determine the outcome. There is new life emerging at Penguins Rock with the hatching of the season’s first northern rockhopper and gentoo chicks, and keepers Michael and Andrew discover how many otter cubs have been born when they gather them up for their very first health check.


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