Joby Talbot – Sing 2 (Original Motion Picture Score) (2021)

01. Meena In Wonderland
02. Taxi! (Buster’s Theme)
03. Nothing To Lose
04. The Whole Shaboodle
05. Spacesuit Mambo
06. Rosita, Star Of The Show
07. Calloway’s House
08. Like So Into Vintage Right Now
09. Rosita Loses Out
10. No One Makes Crystal Look Like A Fool
11. Free Ice Cream For All Goddesses Day
12. Calloway Says No
13. Let’s Get This Show In Shipshape Shape
14. Buster Fires Porsha
15. Mr Moon, What Have You Done_
16. Turns Out There’s Always A Choice
17. Step Right Up Folks
18. Klaus Bows To Johnny
19. Meena Is Ready
20. Rosita, You Have To Jump
21. No Signs Of Life
22. Curtain Call
23. Take It Away, Raoul (End Titles)

Release Name: Joby Talbot – Sing 2 (Original Motion Picture Score) (2021)
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