John Debney – American Underdog (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2021)

01. It Is Tails
02. Brenda’s House
03. Nice to Meet You Zach
04. Take the Pain
05. Zack’s Story
06. Kurt’s Job at the Supermarket
07. Kurt Isn’t Ready for the Packers
08. I Pick You Too Bud
09. Kurt Doesn’t Get Drafted
10. Kurt Talks with Brenda’s Dad
11. Out of Gas
12. Football at the Speed of NASCAR
13. Hundred Dollars Per Touchdown
14. Are You Paying Me to Breakup_
15. Tornado in Arkansas
16. I Miss Them
17. Kurt Proposes
18. Arena Bowl X
19. I’m With the Rams
20. Arena Boy Disses Speed
21. Welcome to the Rams
22. Trent Green is Down
23. Because It’s My Time
24. I Do Like a Man In Uniform
25. Kurt Throws an Interception
26. First NFL Touchdown
27. The Rams Take Control
28. The Greatest Show
29. American Underdog End Credits
30. My God Called Me This Morning (feat. Richard Jordan)

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