Latarnix Puzzle-DARKSiDERS

Release Description:

Latarnix Puzzle is a puzzle game about this boar making his way through a variety of puzzles to reach delicious golden apples at the end of each level. Hit crates to the right direction, rewind wrong decisions and deal with obstacles such as lasers, bumpers, lava pools and holes on the ground to solve each one of the 50 puzzles in the game.


  • An a-BOAR-able adventure: Help the boar Latarnix as he moves crates, deals with obstacles and collects golden apples.
  • Unique puzzles with a variety of obstacles: Make your way to the goal through lasers, bumpers, lava pools and holes on the ground!
  • 50 different challenges: Solve dozens of puzzles with diverse scenarios and progressive difficulties.
  • Hit and rewind: Moved a crate in the wrong direction? Turn back time and correct your mistakes!

Genre: Casual
Developer: Mad Mimic
Publisher: Mad Mimic

Release Name: Latarnix.Puzzle-DARKSiDERS
Size: 588.1 MB
Links: STEAM

Download: KatFile