Miners Mettle v1.1-PLAZA

Release Description:

Miner’s Mettle is a blend of artillery shooting and real time strategy! Four factions fight for supremacy on an uninhabitable mining planet. Ensure your faction’s survival and secure your rightful cache of the miracle mineral, Pentum.

Control a fleet of artillery-trains. Shoot at enemy trains kilometers away with precision. Overwhelm them with your economic superiority. Exterminate them with your technological ascendancy. The choice is yours.

Research and build new tech that expands your tactical options against your competitors. This tech can be installed on your trains, allowing you to customize each one and fulfill different roles in your strategic plans.

Play as Roland Derecho, a retired artillery captain, as a misunderstanding evolves into open warfare. The story campaign has 22 missions and lets you play all the factions.

Account for distance, windspeed, and trajectory on battlefields the size of dozens of kilometers.

Fend of waves of enemies in Horde Mode. Our 1.1 Pentum Update allows you to customize various aspects of the Horde to your enjoyment.

Four factions vie for wealth and supremacy on Pentum. Each has their own unique devices, facilities and play-styles to help you dominate.

Genre: Strategy
Developer: Singular Scheme
Publisher: Singular Scheme

Release Name: Miners.Mettle.v1.1-PLAZA
Size: 22.2 GB
Links: STEAM

Download: KatFile