Release Description:

How long can you last against the abyss?

Shillelagh (Shil-lay-lah) is a fast-paced arena shooter inspired by classic FPS’s like Doom and Devil Daggers. You are a druid tasked with holding back the darkest terrors of the deepest abyss, using your magic Shillelagh to defend against the endless heads of the undead hydra monster that can even destroy the ground you walk upon. Only by calling upon the Solar Spirit of nature can this threat be kept at bay.


Frantic Quake inspired gameplay
Brutal procedural levels that get smaller the more enemies you face
High Score Leaderboard
Hand-drawn artwork and animations
Doom metal soundtrack by John Fio

Genre: Action
Developer: Andrew Simon Thomas LLC
Publisher: Andrew Simon Thomas LLC

Release Name: Shillelagh-DARKZER0
Size: 129.5 MB
Links: STEAM

Download: KatFile