The Game of Life 2 Lunar Age-CODEX

Release Description:

When you’re done finding success in the eco green cityscapes, there are more worlds to explore in THE GAME OF LIFE 2! Launch into the brand new Lunar Age! Experience a futuristic time of adventure and discovery, where pegs build a society on the moon and live among extraterrestrials.

Grow through life, from the Moon Base to a Biodome City and beyond, until you reach an Advanced Alien Civilisation! Dress up as an Astronaut, choose the Robot Suit, or rock the Retro Futuristic style. Graduate from the Lunar Academy, stay single or meet your one true love and get married in a dome with an Earth view. Adopt a pet, have a baby, become a Blackhole Explorer, and meet the aliens!

Genre: Casual, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Marmalade Game Studio Ltd

Release Name: The.Game.of.Life.2.Lunar.Age-CODEX
Size: 596.5 MB
Links: STEAM

Download: KatFile